If you don’t live in Colorado, you might think winter is our most severe season…but if you do live in Colorado, you probably know from experience that spring and early summer bring the most severe and erratic weather patterns….including dangerous lightening, damaging winds, heavy rains and maybe the most dreaded…..HAIL!

Possible fire damage, flooding, roof damage and even siding damage are the resulting effects that span across the front range.

Summer storms in Colorado aren’t always catastrophic, but some can cause significant property damage. The good news is, there are ways to protect yourself and your property when summer storms roll through.

5 Tips to Protect Your Property During Wind, Rain and Hail Storms

  1. Make sure property insurance policies are up to date (include detailed lists and photographs of personal belongings in the event you need to file a claim)

  2. Clean and clear gutters of debris which can help prevent misdirected flooding and water damage.

  3. Remove loose limbs from trees and shrubs and securely anchor outside structures and furniture to prevent secondary damage to windows, siding, roofs and exteriors.

  4. Make notes and communicate with family members the locations of gas pilots and water mains and how to safely shut off utilities.

  5. Avoid being last on a long list for repairs. If you suspect damage to your property after a storm, so will many others. Call a licensed, professional restoration specialist immediately so that your property can be thoroughly assessed for damage and scheduled for repairs ASAP.

First General Services Emergency Response Teams are available 24/7 to help you through the entire repair and restoration process.


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