Roofing and Hail Damage Restoration

Hail damage? Roof leaks? Don’t put it off. Your roof is arguably the most important protection for your home or business. Whether your roof just needs some minor repairs or complete replacement, call First General Services. As a licensed roofing contractor for nearly 40 years, our roofing crews are professional, organized and efficient. We offer the highest quality materials because we’ve found over the years, “cheapest isn’t always best.”

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Roofing and Hail Damage Restoration Services:

  • Direct insurance communication and claim support
  • Roof inspections and damage assessments (including skylights, gutters, windows, siding, masonry, etc)
  • Wind and hail damage exterior repair and replacement
  • Water damage and leak repair (frozen pipes & ice dams)
  • Damage repair caused by fallen tree limbs and lightning strikes
  • Board-up and tarp-over services
  • Animal and wildlife damage repair

What makes our roofing services different?

  • Integrity, Accountability and Workmanship warranties
  • Hassle free insurance claim coordination and support
  • Effective Communication
  • Timely Completion
  • Licensed Colorado roofing contractor since 1983

First General Services is a licensed, professional building contractor and we maintain high expectations for ourselves and the results we deliver.


Yes, for both home and business, FGS offers direct communication and claim support so that you know your options and are kept informed through every step of your roof repair process.

FGS offers free estimates. If you believe your property may require repairs or roof replacement, we would be happy to schedule time to meet with you and provide an estimate if repairs are required.

FGS has many years of experience completing a wide variety of roofing projects, both residential and commercial. We are confident we can handle just about anything available in the industry today.

Every project is unique in scope, so the answer is never one size fits all. Our experienced project coordinators will communicate timelines and completion targets. Our expert roofing teams are organized, efficient and strive to avoid delays while delivering high quality results to every single client.

Yes, FGS offers labor and material warranties for roof repairs and replacement.