Water damage insurance claims trump other insurance claims such as; storms, fires or theft, according to various surveys. Water damage claims cause the most financial expense to insurance companies, and as property owners, an enormous amount of frustration and grief.
A flooded basement can permanently ruin lifetime of collected photo albums, or a fire can burn treasured and irreplaceable possessions beyond recognition.

Property owners should be diligent to check washing machine hoses, water heaters, outdoor faucets, kitchen and bathroom sinks, toilets, refrigerator/ice machine water connections, making sure there are not any cracks and or kinks in the lines, or any excess moisture on walls or floors.
Obviously we do not have control over water damage from the all mighty “mother nature”, however– we do have control over how we respond. Do not wait to call our professionals, as leaks left unattended will create a perfect breeding ground for mold in a matter of 48 hours, and additional expense that perhaps is not covered by insurance.



What to do before anything happens. Take home inventory.
Before a catastrophe strikes and you’re faced with a loss, make a home inventory – lists, pictures or a videotape of the contents of your home. After all, would you be able to remember all the possessions you’ve accumulated over the years if they were destroyed by a flood? Having an up-to-date home inventory will help you get your insurance claim settled faster, verify losses for your income tax return and help you purchase the correct amount of insurance.

Being in Colorado we have to expect the unexpected. Whether you you live in the Denver suburbs of Aurora or the frontrange of Littleton, devastation is always a possibility.