Homes are getting larger in quantity and smaller in size as the population grows. Builders are trying to put as many houses in one zone as they possibly can. People are running out of room to put their things. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “How did I possibly fit all of this “stuff” in the last place I lived?”. So how do you “Maximize” a “Minimized” space and make everything in your home fit and feel more spacious?

Well, you start with all of your “stuff”. A good way to make more room in your home is to install some “smart” storage solutions in your home. These can be little organizers or shelving with cubby slots in them to help organize and open up space that is being cluttered up from your things.  Another way to maximize your space is to get rid of the dining room table that you hardly ever use and have your island or peninsula countertop expanded for barstool seating.

Maybe your thinking that you want to do a little more to free up, utilize, and expand your living areas. Renovating certain parts of your house will be extremely helpful in making your home feel bigger and have more space. Some good renovation ideas might be:

  • Brighten up the space with lighter colors. This can be done by having more lighting installed or changing the colors of the room to make it feel more open.
  • If you don’t like the idea of having more lights or changing the colors of a room, you should consider expanding the windows. This will bring in more natural light which will give the room more of an open feel to it.
  • Having narrow or compact sized appliances installed opens up available space for more cabinetry to be installed which can be used for storing more of your “stuff”.
  • Renovating your bathrooms can also help utilize more space in your home. A few ways to do this would be to;
    • Add an additional sink and mirror to your bathroom.
    • Have a dividing wall installed to separate your toilet from your sink area.
    • Separate the bath and shower fixtures.
  • Finishing a basement can really improve the amount of livable space your home has. Instead of one living room, you now have two or another area where family members can go to have their own space to keep everyone from stepping on each other’s toes.

Now you have done all of the interior renovations, but you still want more room to entertain or get away. By expanding your outdoor living space, you will be doing just that. There are many different ways to utilize the space that you have outside. You can:

  • Have a deck or patio put in. This creates a space for you and your guests to relax and enjoys the nice days. When you have a deck or patio installed you should consider building an outdoor kitchen area as well.
  • Having built in benches, bars, planters, cabinets and lighting will also help utilize the living spaces you have. The cabinets and planters will also help free up any space that is being taken up in the garage. Storage sheds are also extremely helpful with freeing up needed space.

Home renovation will be extremely helpful in “maximizing” the “minimized” space you may have. If you feel like you don’t have enough space, or you have been thinking about getting your home renovated, contact First General Services to start the renovation process.

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