Have you ever felt the rain and looked up to see no clouds in the sky anywhere near you? Well, for all of us in Colorado, this is all too familiar. A storm can come out of nowhere and they tend to be pretty heavy. Lately, we have seen a lot of hail with these storms and our property is being damaged relentlessly. As we are on the subject of hail, do we all know exactly how to check for hail damage after a storm hits? If not, here are some quick and easy ways to check for hail damage done to your property.

Easy ways to check for hail damage yourself:

  • Inspect your gutters and siding to check for visible damage.
  • Cracks, dents, and breakage of windows, doors, and screens are an indicator that hail has also done some damage to your roof.
  • Outdoor appliances like your ac unit or even patio furniture can also tip you off on damage. And if your car took damage then your roof probably took damage too.
  • Excessive water intake.
  • Damage to trees and shrubs is also a good indicator.

It’s always good to check for the hail damage yourself but as we all know, there are somethings that we can’t see or that we don’t know to check for. To be sure that you have not missed anything, you should call and get it inspected by a professional. Having your roof inspected by a professional has its benefits;

  1. Professional know exactly how to identify hail damage over natural wear and tear of a roof
  2. Insurance companies will not cover your roof and other property if it is not inspected by a professional.

After a professional has come out to inspect your property, you will make a claim with your home owners insurance company. There is typically a deductible but that’s much better than replacing and paying for the whole thing yourself. Roof Cost Estimator says that the average cost of replacing a roof in 2018 is about $7,500. I think we would all prefer paying the deductible from our home owners insurance.

If you have, or may have, experienced hail damage, read our other blogs called What the HAIL?, Size Matters, and Preparing for Hail Storms for more tips on way to protect your property and keep watching our blog for more updates on what to do and how to handle hail damage.

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