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Preparing Your Property for a Hail Storm

Colorado can be the most beautiful place in the world to live… for about 45 minutes. Between the nice hot, sunny times to freezing cold, to rainy, back to sunny and then all of a sudden massive chunks of ice come falling out of the sky and destroy everything. From Denver to Pueblo, and everywhere else in Colorado, hail has hit everyone hard. Hail damage can be one of the most expensive natural disasters to strike. It demolishes cars, roofs, yards, driveways and more. The good news is, that there are some ways to prepare for, and prevent, hail damage from taken [...]

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Common Causes of Water Damage

According to Great Western, the following items are the Top 10 most common sources for water damage issues in your home or business: 1-Burst pipes 2-Leaking Pipes 3-Clogged Toilets 4-Water heater failure 5-Dishwasher failure 6-Washing machine overflow 7-Roof leaks 8-Plumbing system failure 9-HVAC system breakdown 10-Natural disasters   Water damage or a Water loss can be costly and burdensome on you, your home, your family, and/ or your business. Now that you can identify the top sources of water damage in your property, read our blog about ways to minimize your chances of having to cope with a water loss in your property. [...]

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