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Home Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

We all have areas in our homes that we spend a majority of our home-life in. These are the areas that homeowners choose to renovate first when the time comes. First General Services wants to help you transform your house's living areas into beautiful, updated spaces. If you are about to start on a home renovation project, there are a lot of things you should start to consider. The list of do’s and don’ts can go on, and on, and on.  This information from Martha Stewart helps homeowners prepare - and reminds them to stay focused on what is important, and what [...]

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Tips for Living Through a Home Remodel

Whether you live in downtown Denver in a multi-family condo or out in the suburbs of Colorado Springs, Castle Rock or Centennial in a single-family house, there are opportunities for change or improvement in our homes. As a homeowner, maybe you are thinking about renovating a few areas in your property- or are looking to do a full-blown remodel in major living areas. Whatever the situation may be, it is always difficult to live through renovations. This article from Randi Garrett Design provides tips to those who plan on occupying a home through a major renovation or remodel. Here are a few [...]

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Property Updates Before Listing

  The population on the Front Range is booming. As a result, so is the housing market. Every time you turn the corner, there are more houses being built and people moving in. Rental rates continue to skyrocket to an all-time high here in the Rockies, confirmed by -  with the average monthly rent surpassing $1,500 on average. You might be wanting to take advantage of the current market conditions by listing your property for sale- or renting it out for some extra income.  In order to maximize your return in either case, you will likely want to take a look at [...]

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Renovation Projects with the Best Return on Investment (ROI)

Buying an investment property can be a make or break for some people. Do not buy an investment property unless you are prepared to put some money into the property after you buy. If you own a home now and are considering selling the home, think about what the house needs in order to maximize your profits on the house from the original buy price. There are many different things you can do, both inside and outside of your house, to make a decent chunk of change on your property. I am going to give you the run down on the best [...]

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Maximizing a Minimized Space: Valuable Renovation Ideas for Smaller Homes

Homes are getting larger in quantity and smaller in size as the population grows. Builders are trying to put as many houses in one zone as they possibly can. People are running out of room to put their things. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “How did I possibly fit all of this “stuff” in the last place I lived?”. So how do you “Maximize” a “Minimized” space and make everything in your home fit and feel more spacious? Well, you start with all of your “stuff”. A good way to make more room in your home is to install some “smart” [...]

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Questions to Ask Your Contractor

Hiring the right contractor can be a tough task. There are so many questions that pop into mind when you are thinking about home renovations, remodels, or building. Things like “where do I start” and “are these people reliable and trust worthy” come to mind. To lessen the amount questions running through your mind you should focus on the next ten questions when considering the right contractor for you. 1.) “How long have you been doing business?” - This is a very important question to ask because it tells you whether or not they are established. Younger contractors probably don’t have as [...]

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Size Matters: Types of Hail that Cause the Most Damage

Here in Colorado, early summer months bring us storms & hail damage- which can cause a lot of damage and put a real 'dent' in our summer vacation. This precipitation can present itself in all different size and shapes; from little tiny pellets to destructive massive grapefruit- sized chunks of ice falling out of the sky. Obviously, the larger the hail, the more damage it does. Beware of hail that is ping-pong ball sized and up, as these tend to cause the most damage. But, don’t underestimate the little guys. A chunk of hail the size of a marble falls at roughly [...]

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The Average Cost of Hail Damage Repairs

If you live in Colorado, and are expecting the inevitable Summer Hail Storms that come every year, you may also want to budget for some hail damage repairs.  What kind of cost repair should we prepare for after the storm leaves damage behind? do If the storm is big enough, you should engage a professional to come out and do a hail damage assessment, just as we talked about in our last blog “Checking Your Property for Hail Damage After a Storm Hits”. Then, it's time to contact your homeowner's insurance and begin planning for the costs to repair. Below is a [...]

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Checking Your Property for Hail Damage After a Storm Hits

Have you ever felt the rain and looked up to see no clouds in the sky anywhere near you? Well, for all of us in Colorado, this is all too familiar. A storm can come out of nowhere and they tend to be pretty heavy. Lately, we have seen a lot of hail with these storms and our property is being damaged relentlessly. As we are on the subject of hail, do we all know exactly how to check for hail damage after a storm hits? If not, here are some quick and easy ways to check for hail damage done to [...]

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What the HAIL?

If you don’t live in Colorado, you might think winter is our most severe season…but if you do live in Colorado, you probably know from experience that spring and early summer bring the most severe and erratic weather patterns….including dangerous lightening, damaging winds, heavy rains and maybe the most dreaded…..HAIL! Possible fire damage, flooding, roof damage and even siding damage are the resulting effects that span across the front range. Summer storms in Colorado aren’t always catastrophic, but some can cause significant property damage. The good news is, there are ways to protect yourself and your property when summer storms roll through. [...]

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