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Mold…..YUCK!  Even in our dry climate, mold is everywhere. Certain varieties of mold may be more prevalent in warm and humid climates, but others need very little moisture and actually thrive in cooler, dryer climates- like Colorado.

Mold is organic and most varieties are virtually harmless, but common household molds like aspergillus, cladosporium and stachybotrus (or black mold), can pose serious problems for your property and your health. 

Unfortunately, if you observe mold on the outward surfaces of your home, there are likely larger colonies growing out of sight behind walls, under flooring and throughout your heating/A/C system. When mold colonies are disturbed, dangerous spores are released into your home and inhaled. These mold spores (or mycotoxins) could cause you or your family to experience anything from mild allergy symptoms to serious neurological damage.  

Now for the better news, when proper water mitigation (See CMS Water Mitigation page/ link) is done promptly after water damage occurs, the need for mold remediation is reduced and may not be necessary at all. Remediation is simply the term used to describe the absolute correction/removal of hazardous substances. CleanMaster Services mold remediation technicians are IICRC ( trained and certified and experts in handling and removing all types of bio-hazards safely and thoroughly. Our technicians arrive equipped with commercial grade containment units, extractors, moisture meters, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers and use only EPA approved and regulated cleaning and restoration practices.


In addition, our experienced administrative teams provide insurance claim support and will walk you through every step of the remediation process, so you know what to expect.We understand it’s never a good time to realize your property needs professional help, but we’ll make your recovery our priority.


We Respond. We Rebuild. You Recover.


If you suspect you have water damage or mold, be safe, call CleanMaster Services today