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  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Livingroom Remodel

First General Services offers an in-house professional Purchasing and Design Manager with a trained eye to help you create your dream space and minimize the stress in decision making. Whether your property is being restored from damage, being remodeled, or is a new build, our designers are available with swatches in hand and creative ways to complement your lifestyle.

Designing your home or business to make it exactly what you envisioned can be all consuming.  With the wide array of choices and prices of counter tops, fixtures, appliances, carpet, paint colors, cabinetry, and finishes, it gets overwhelming.

Our team of experienced designers can assist with everything from floor to ceiling.  Suggestions are offered mirroring your design needs, utilizing products that fit your budget, are fully functional and environmentally friendly. A variety of top quality materials can be selected, using our trusted distributors and affiliates, making our prices competitive.