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Our process of deconstruction concentrates on protecting our natural resources by removing reusable and salvageable materials during residential and commercial remodels, rebuilds, restorations, or demolitions.  Deconstruction eliminates an exorbitant amount of unwanted building waste to our landfills and offers many benefits, going beyond “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

A recommendation can be made for a trusted and certified deconstruction company.  A licensed appraiser will also be referred, to help the property owner receive proper tax deduction and documentation.  Interior demolition is when the exterior of a structure remains intact and the interior such as partitions, finishes, walls, etc. are safely taken apart and removed.

In parts of Boulder County it is mandatory to stick to “green building” requirements, and as an added incentive “green points” are given.  Get additional information on Boulder County’s “green” planning and development.