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Commercial Contractors

Does your project require a commercial contractor? 
Some important areas to consider while choosing the right fit could be:

Contractor Bids

A contractor will reviewed your project and draw up a list of plans and estimated costs, a ‘bid’. You should be sure that the proposal is as detailed as possible and take into account what is excluded. It may be a necessity. Take into account your scope so you are comparing apples to apples.


A licensed commercial contractor is critical to a successful project. Most states and/or local jurisdictions require that a contractor is licensed, carries substantial insurance and, in many instances, has a bond with them. When considering a commercial contractor, look for qualified licenses and request insurance verification. Be sure to compare contractors and their coverage as it can vary immensely.


Communication between the contractor and the client is essential for a successful project. You want to find a contractor who communicates on the same level as you. We like to think that whether you want a frequent update based on a weekly, monthly or daily meeting via email, phone or in-person, it’s important that a contractor remains flexible in their communication abilities. 


Our professional, commercial staff are licensed and insured. We have an extensive background and familiarity with commercial projects and understand the complexities that come along with them. 

Need a commercial job completed to the highest standards? 
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